Collage of images, Sammy Petersen posing with guests who have appeared on the podcast

Confessions is a weekly podcast, released each Sunday in Australia, where Sammy Petersen reads the funniest, strangest online confessions to hilarious guests.

The popcast™ began as an opportunity for two friends to get together each week, have a wine and a whine about confessions. Nothing has changed since then.

As actor (and frequent guest) Dave Lawson often says, confessions are usually one of the big three: fucking, shitting or ghosts. However, there is no shortage of confessions filled with kinks, quirks, piss, fraud and other depravities. You’ll love it!

Here’s What Listeners are Saying

“…this show always makes me feel better about myself as a person.”

B. Alison

“…maybe don’t listen to it at work because it will make you laugh and you will look like a nut…”

Suggestive Pineapple

“This is by far my favorite podcast.”


“Sam is a treasure!”


“…the cum ones are my favorite, better than Pornhub.”


“Stop misusing the word ‘delve.’ It doesn’t mean what you think it does.”


With more than 1,000 confessions read, there is no shortage of idiots.



Sammy Petersen

Sammy is an ex-comedian who started a podcast to regularly catch up with mates. In addition to not doing comedy anymore, he is a producer who makes all kinds of things – including documentaries, live shows and writes in third person regularly.


Chi Down

In addition to being the true host of the podcast, Rhi also creates the beautiful artwork used for each episode. Between hosting and creating art, she’s basically the entire show and if you think differently you’re out of your goddamn mind.