140: Mark Humphries & Craig Reucassel

Jealousy & Revenge Lying, Cheating and Imposters Shitting, Pissing & Puking Thievery & Fraud Vandalism & Pranks

It’s Sunday – and you’re getting a special double parter episode with the great Mark Humphries & Craig Reucassel. Jodi robbed a jewelry store, Paul blackmails his cheating wife, Beth shits while teaching a class, Ben sets fire to his friend’s kitchen and Anna smooches her friend’s partner. You’re going to love it. FACT.

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Beautiful Guests

Mark Humphries

Mark Humphries

Comedian, actor, writer and expert on politics and stuff

Craig Reucassel

Craig Reucassel

Comedian, author, television personality and member of The Chaser

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