Murray Cook and Lizzie Mack: The Soul Movers

Kinks & Quirks Lying, Cheating and Imposters Thievery & Fraud

This week Sammy is joined by the wonderful Lizzie Mack and Murray Cook from the Soul Movers for tons of beautiful confessions from wonderful people. Rob gave his friend cat milk, Justin tries to impress a girl with an impromptu party, Nick pretends to be religious so his kid can go to a good school, Kelly composts her clients’ hair, Ingrid ends a relationship due to Kate Bush, and Vanessa steals Krispy Kreme Donuts.

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Beautiful Guests

Murray Cook

Murray Cook

Musician, actor, OG Red Wiggle and Sammy’s childhood hero

Lizzie Mack performing on stage

Lizzie Mack

Singer, musician and member of Soul Movers band

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