Each episode of Confessions of the Idiots features hilarious guests reacting to some of the wildest, strangest online confessions.

305: Jordan Barr & Mish Wittrup

Mish Wittrup and Jordan Barr enjoy lovely confessions: Julie shook up a Coke, Jacob chugs cum, Oliver catfished, and Harriet has an affair.

304: Casey Donovan

Casey Donovan is back for beautiful confessions. Michaela’s husband farts, Jason steals an urn, Kevin kills plants and Gemma calls police.

Todd Glass

Todd Glass joins the podcast for great confessions: Joe broke his hand to get out of an exam, Jessica spits in her teacher’s coffee and more!

304: Tom Ballard & Mish Wittrup

Tom Ballard and Mish Wittrup react to some wonderful confessions: shit in an exhaust pipe, sexy goblin mode, cheating on Tinder, and more!

292: Liv Hewson & Nick Mason

This week is the return of the wonderful Liv Hewson (Yellowjackets) and Nick Mason (not Yellowjackets). You WILL believe what you hear.

291: Dave Warneke & Stephen Hall

This week Sammy is joined by your favourite duo: Dave Warneke and Comedienne Stephen Hall. You’ll laugh, cry and make tons of money.

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