Each episode of Confessions of the Idiots features hilarious guests reacting to some of the wildest, strangest online confessions.

274: Dave Warneke & Stephen Hall

This week Sammy is lucky enough to be joined by your favourite: Dave Warneke, Stephen Hall and, as always, a business confession.

Sez and Amy Louise Ruffle

Morgan fucks the ghost of his proctologist, Georgia stole a harmonica, Jessie is fucking the housekeeper, and Henry shit while cleaning.

272: Geraldine Hickey & Ben Russell

Sandra pretends to have a twin sister, Abby Photoshops her boyfriend, Harry stole a rug, and John loves having his ass accidentally spanked.

271: Reuben Kaye & Nick Mason

Andrew dresses as a ghost, Kate blackmails her lover, Audrey steals her cousin’s dog, and Barry lies about being a doctor.

270: Nat Damena & Rhi Down

Tom accidentally killed a rabbit, Jude stole her aunt’s recipes, Karen loves to steal, and Matt poops in his mum’s lawn.

illustration of Dave Warneke and Ash Williams

269: Ash Williams & Dave Warneke

Ash Williams and Dave Warneke discuss The Nanny and window tinting. Oh, and there’s a confession! Milly is thirsty for her dad’s best friend.

Sammy and Dave Warneke

Dave Warneke (Patreon Exclusive)

We meet some beautiful people who are scared of their barber, editing a fake Excel sheet, stealing tooth fairy money, and more!

268: Zachary Ruane & Mish Wittrup

Matt’s pissing in coffee, Lucy fakes a heart condition, Will pretends to smoke and Samantha is sitting on a dick she hardly knows.

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