Each episode of Confessions of the Idiots features hilarious guests reacting to some of the wildest, strangest online confessions.

37: Mark Holden

Legendary Mark Holden talks through some weird confessions as well as Australian Idol and Bobbo the Clown. Can’t miss it!

36: Nelly Thomas & Rhi Down

Natalie faked her death because she’s too much of a pussy to quit, Georgia drugs Jenny with sleeping tablets and Gerald wears a cape.

34: Titus O’Reily

This week on the podcast Sammy is joined by the great Titus O’Reily for some of the weirdest online confessions yet.

30: Stephen Hall & Dave Warneke

Patch’s engraved towel business is in trouble, Kate reminds Jasmine of a bad person, Kylie slept with Channing Tatum and Natalie is grabbing her dad’s friends.

27: Ash Williams & Gretel Killeen

This week Sammy is recording from a dodgy hotel and decided to invite Ash Williams and Gretel Killeen to discuss some weird confessions.

26: Merrick Watts

This week Sammy is joined by Merrick Watts to discuss purple wigs, international dentists and pushing your neighbour down the stairs.

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