Each episode of Confessions of the Idiots features hilarious guests reacting to some of the wildest, strangest online confessions.

24: Dan Ilic & Megan McCrea

Dan Ilic and Megan McCrea chat about reading secret diary entries, farting and all other kinds of horrifying online confessions.

22: Smallzy

In this episode Sammy is joined by the legendary Smallzy from Smallzy’s Surgery to talk all of the online confessions (or at least three).

20: Oliver Clark & Ty Frost

This week Sammy is joined by two men with the smoothest voices in the land – Oliver Clark and Smooth FM’s Ty Frost.

19: Wendy Harmer

In episode nineteen Sammy meets Wendy Harmer to read her lots of weird confessions. And in her own home too. Very rude.

18: Rik Brown and Jimmy Eaton

In episode eighteen Sammy is joined by the great Rik Brown and Jimmy Eaton. Warning: there are lots of Richard Wilkins references.

16: Adam Bandt & Dave Lawson

Tez steals a birthday present, Elsie lies about everything, Yowie tries bungie jumping at home and Danielle’s tears apart her best friends.

15: Lehmo & Rhi Down

This week Sammy is joined by Lehmo and Rhi Down to talk about this weeks weird online confessions.

14: Rhys Muldoon

This week Sammy is joined by the legendary Rhys Muldoon to talk about a drunk regular at a bar, Sigrid Thornton and Sweet Caroline.

10: Josh Earl & Dave Lawson

Denise is sucking doorknobs for sexual attention, Leonard gets rid of Little Woofer and Penny has 37 unpaid parking tickets.

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