Each episode of Confessions of the Idiots features hilarious guests reacting to some of the wildest, strangest online confessions.

265: Gen Fricker & Rhi Down

Amber loses her cocaine, Matt’s partner hates his lovemaking song, Tash takes the blame for their dad’s porn and Brett has loose guts.

Alexei Toliopoulos & Cameron James

Nathan hates cats, Adam stole money from his grandmama, Jess catfished her friend’s boyfriend and Todd loves cumming into breakfast cereal.

264: Matt Stewart & Jess Perkins

Alex stashed cash in the mattress, Matt eats chewing gum, Cass killed a goldfish and Verity draws a mustache on the boss’s portrait.

King Bo

Jason steals little objects, Edith set her school on fire, Max steals artificial sweeteners and Violet released grasshoppers in class.

262: Tom Ballard & Rhi Down

Julia smushed a cat, Larry knocks his friend off a roof with a branch, Lucy locks a rival in the bathroom and Danny sabotages a swimmer.

261: Rob Millsy Mills & Tim Hewitt

Pete accidentally slingshots a cat, Mark is stealing condiments, Claire saw her dad cheating and Brad shit in his cousin’s birthday cake.

Grant Denyer RETURNS

Justin shit his pants on a scary ride, Sophie pretends to be adopted, Julie faked being American, and Matt’s not vegan.

260: Luke McGregor & Oliver Clark

James pretends he’s a frog, Harriet stole her boyfriend’s cat, Murray broke his son’s action figure, and Jay saw his friend cheating.

Mish and Sammy meeting over Zoom dot com

Mish Wittrup (Patreon Exclusive)

Beth learns the true purpose of a toilet plunger, James caught his dad shitting, Jay doesn’t know karate, Jesse has a small penis and more!

258: Wil Anderson RETURNS

Byron got his dick stuck in a couch, Michelle’s sister-in-law is cheating, Theresa pretends to win the lottery and Marty shit out a window.

257: Rhi Down & Concetta Caristo

Rhi Down and Concetta Caristo over the world wide interweb. Ingrid fucks her sisters fiancé and then Dave drinks his wife’s fancy wine.

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