Each episode of Confessions of the Idiots features hilarious guests reacting to some of the wildest, strangest online confessions.

Sammy P and Rhi Down

Rhi Down (Patreon Exclusive)

Gail’s plunger gets stuck, Carmichael can’t get rid of a stiffy, Dean caught his friend eating shit and other wonderful confessions!

254: Yvie Jones & Angie Kent

Susan tries not to poop at her partner’s place, Anthony is addicted to salami, Jared pretends to be Tom Hanks and Jan fucks her masseuse.

Gen Fricker & Rhi Down

Simon eats doggy biscuits, Tess gets in an accident, Marisa creates fake profiles and Damien loses his wife’s hair straightener up his bum.

251: Jack Millar

Will is the office liar, Abby is pretending to be deaf, Monica kisses her father-in-law and Jeff rolls ham around his dick.

250: Broden Kelly & Marieke Hardy

Ben pulls a monkey prank on his friend, Alexis gets revenge on her ex, Sarah can’t stop retelling a fake story and Jamie wrecks a car.

249: Angie Kent RETURNS

Sara is sick of Ashlee, Michael steals from his wonderful father, Chloe is bullying with a finsta and Jack shit in a bin.

247: Allday & Dave Thornton

Clara’s lover is holding a secret, Liam’s having heist regrets, Tamara ruined her brother’s life and Alan taught his classroom about farts.

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