Aurora Campbell

Aurora Campbell

Aurora Campbell

Mural artist and illustrator

Confessions with Aurora

nervous man sitting in a crowded bar holding a chihuahua

Pissed Myself, Blamed a Chihuahua

Dave’s first date after lockdown hits a snag when his pacing and water chugging come to a head. Barbie the Chihuahua to the rescue!

Episodes with Aurora

235: Emma Holland & Aurora Campbell

Emma and Aurora enjoy wonderful confessions from a pool shitter, a habitual ghoster, a life altering prankster and a sister’s lover kisser.

Rhi Down & Aurora Campbell

Sammy is joined by two of his all-time favourite humans Rhi Down and Aurora Campbell to discuss so much less than you’d expect.

75: Rick Davies & Aurora Campbell

This week on the podcast Sammy is joined by Rick Davies and Aurora Campbell. It’s exactly what you didn’t order, but it’s free.