Dave Lawson

Dave Lawson

Dave Lawson

Comedian, actor and longtime guest of the podcast

Confessions with Dave

doctor washing dishes

Choked a Part-Time Doctor’s Cock

Sarah’s in the sexual prime of her life and her mom’s part-time doctor boyfriend is looking very, very good. Warning! This one is extra sexy!

Man sitting on a sofa drinking Dare Iced Coffee next a beautiful woman

Dare Iced Coffee & Shit

George is crushing Dare Iced Coffees before his date. Unfortunately for George, he is lactose intolerant. He shits himself.

Ghost riding a horse

Fucked a Ghost on a Horse

Gemma enjoys a beautiful night of nonstop sex with a handsome ghost. Now she can’t stop trying to sneak back into the house.

photo of a woman introducing a ghost to a crowd of people at a backyard barbecue

Nobody Has Ever Met My Partner

Jo has been keeping their partner away from their family and friends. But maybe it’s time everyone meets Jo’s ghost partner?

So Long, Little Woofer

Leonard never liked his family dog, Little Woofer. Dave Lawson and Josh Earl hate Leonard. We all hate Leonard. Leonard sucks.

man standing outside a cabin in the woods next to a ghostly woman

Summer Fling with a Ghost

While on summer vacation, lovely Neil meets and falls in love with a beautiful woman. But is this mysterious woman the local ghost of legend?

Episodes with Dave

Dave Lawson

Dave Lawson RETURNS

Dave is back to hear people confess to shitting, ghost fucking and other wonderful things.

163: Dave Lawson and Zachary Ruane

In this family friendly episode Elsie fucks a fellow business person, Josie doesn’t want to be a third wheel and Steven shits himself.

134: Sarah Snook and Dave Lawson

Hannah is hung up on his sister’s husband, Todd fakes his death, Josie is catfishing her friend and Alastair shits on the floor.

121: Dave Lawson & Tom Budge

Vera lies while palm reading, Alf lies to get ahead at the office and Nancy gets revenge on her fucking demonic aunt.