Dilruk Jayasinha

Dilruk Jayasinha

Dilruk Jayasinha

Comedian, actor and former accountant

Confessions with Dilruk

woman has a stomachache while on a picnic

Did an Open Shit on the Grass

Juliet’s enjoying a lovely picnic date at the park, indulging in lots of cheese and wine. One small problem. Juliet is lactose intolerant.

Bride kissing a man behind a column at a wedding

Oh! Fuck! Off! Ian!

Ian thinks of his friend’s fiancé when bringing himself to ejaculate. And now with the immediate wedding, he needs to shoot his shot.

Episodes with Dilruk

115: Dilruk Jayasinha & Jess Perkins

Juliet shits herself during a picnic date, Angus stole his girlfriend’s cat and Ian thinks of his friend’s fiancé when bring himself to ejaculate.