Marieke Hardy

Marieke Hardy

Marieke Hardy

Writer, producer, presenter, and actor

Confessions with Marieke

Man sitting in taxi with a terrible stomachache

Chicken Feast and Shit

After drinks and chicken feast, Adam is on a date with a beautiful woman. Will the date end in romance? Or shitting alone in his apartment?

I Like Sniffing Dogs’ Bums

Marie sniffs dog bums. So what? You think it’s a big deal? It’s not. Just ask Sammy P and Marieke Hardy. They are pro dog butt sniffing.

Episodes with Marieke

250: Broden Kelly & Marieke Hardy

Ben pulls a monkey prank on his friend, Alexis gets revenge on her ex, Sarah can’t stop retelling a fake story and Jamie wrecks a car.

135: Marieke Hardy

Alice loses her friend’s ring, Guy sabotages his brother’s promotion, Marie sniffs dog bums, Marcus sleeps with his aunty’s friend’s friend.

Confessions of the Idiots

The Isolation Tapes: Marieke Hardy

This is the next instalment of ‘The Isolation Tapes’ featuring Marieke Hardy! This is a new series to bring a little more funny-ness.

54: Marieke Hardy & Scott Brennan

This week on the podcast Sammy is joined by Marieke Hardy and Performer Scott Brennan to chat about venetian blinds and so much less!