Michelle Brasier

Michelle Brasier

Michelle Brasier

Actor, writer and singer with beautiful wisdom to share

Confessions with Michelle

woman shopping for cucumbers at the grocery store

Fuck My Ass with a Cucumber

Gorgeous Terese loves veg and anal play. Just be careful if you’re over at her’s for dinner and cucumber is on the menu.

Man being yelled at by two identical twin sisters

Thumb in the Wrong Bum

Ben is enjoying a drunken night at home with his wife and his wife’s twin sister, what could go wrong? Zach, Rhi and Michelle are big fans!

Episodes with Michelle

237: Jess Perkins & Michelle Brasier

Wonderful confessions that feature an imaginary affair, a pretend private investigator, a shit ramen prank and a lie about Johnny Depp that snowballs out of control.

137: Michelle Brasier

Sammy is joined in studio by the GREAT Michelle Brasier. It’s a really funny episode and you can listen right now by pressing PLAY.