Mike Goldstein

Mike Goldstein

Mike Goldstein

Comedian, podcaster, phone hacker and absolute hunk

Confessions with Mike

nervous man sitting in a crowded bar holding a chihuahua

Pissed Myself, Blamed a Chihuahua

Dave’s first date after lockdown hits a snag when his pacing and water chugging come to a head. Barbie the Chihuahua to the rescue!

photo of a 20 year old woman whispering a secret into the ear of a handsome man at a bar

She’s Got Herpes and All

Jennifer’s pursuit of a yummy boy is thwarted by another girl. Will she accepted it and move on? Or say the other girl has herpes?

Episodes with Mike

108: Mike Goldstein & Rick Davies

Jennifer lies about herpes, Jovan kills his best friend’s bird, Hannah fucks Monica’s boyfriend and Mark hates his friend’s podcast.