Mish Wittrup

Mish Wittrup

Mish Wittrup

Comedian, actor, podcaster and John Leguizamo expert

Confessions with Mish

20 year old female hipster, standing with her arms crossed outside a brownstone apartment, smiling and winking

Lucinda’s Hot Fuck

Lucinda regales us with her steamy love affair with her best friend’s man. Her beautiful confession arouses Mish Wittrup and Tom Ballard.

Episodes with Mish

305: Jordan Barr & Mish Wittrup

Mish Wittrup and Jordan Barr enjoy lovely confessions: Julie shook up a Coke, Jacob chugs cum, Oliver catfished, and Harriet has an affair.

304: Tom Ballard & Mish Wittrup

Tom Ballard and Mish Wittrup react to some wonderful confessions: shit in an exhaust pipe, sexy goblin mode, cheating on Tinder, and more!

268: Zachary Ruane & Mish Wittrup

Matt’s pissing in coffee, Lucy fakes a heart condition, Will pretends to smoke and Samantha is sitting on a dick she hardly knows.

236: Toni Lodge & Mish Wittrup

The gorgeous Toni and Mish are treated with gorgeous confessions from a regretful neighbor, black market fish dealer and more!

218: Tom Ballard & Mish Wittrup

Tom is putting shit in a letterbox, Lucinda is fucking forbidden cock, Mark hacks into an email and Ian is putting his dick in the oven.

167: Jessica Brody & Mish Wittrup

This week on the podcast Sammy is joined by Jessica Brody and Mish Wittrup. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted…and maybe even less.

99: Rik Brown & Mish Wittrup

Sammy is joined by REGULARS Rik Brown and Mish Wittrup for some stories of poo, sexy confessions and a man who mugged his wife.

94: Jess Perkins & Mish Wittrup

Sammy is joined by Jess Perkins and Mish Wittrup. As always, we solve everyone’s problems and make the world a better place.