Nick Capper

Nick Capper

Nick Capper

Comedian, podcaster, tuxedo wearer and phone hacker

Confessions with Nick

photo of a woman introducing a ghost to a crowd of people at a backyard barbecue

Nobody Has Ever Met My Partner

Jo has been keeping their partner away from their family and friends. But maybe it’s time everyone meets Jo’s ghost partner?

photo of a man sitting alone in a train carriage smiling and giving a thumbs up

You In? Hoochie Mama!

Arthur is living the dream: a train carriage all to himself! And it gets better when in walks a married woman who’s ready to go all in.

Episodes with Nick

106: Dave Lawson & Nick Capper

Arthur gets a handjob on a train (hoochie mama!), Ian is a big fat catfish, Georgia is getting cold feet and Jo is dating a ghost.

81: Jess Perkins & Nick Capper

This week Sammy is joined by Jess Perkins and Nick Capper to discuss this weeks weird and wonderful (minus the wonderful) online confessions.

55: Rick Davies & Nick Capper

This week Sammy is joined by first-time guest Nick Capper and returning guest Rick Davies. Strap yourself in for a truly wild ride.