Rhi Down

Rhi Down

Rhi Down

Comedian, artist and true host of the podcast

Confessions with Rhi

Middle aged man holding an open tub of yoghurt

Daddy’s Dick Yoghurt

Beautiful Marcus confesses his love for the spiritual sensation he gets from placing his dick in yoghurt. Rhi and James have questions.

woman shopping for cucumbers at the grocery store

Fuck My Ass with a Cucumber

Gorgeous Terese loves veg and anal play. Just be careful if you’re over at her’s for dinner and cucumber is on the menu.

Man being yelled at by two identical twin sisters

Thumb in the Wrong Bum

Ben is enjoying a drunken night at home with his wife and his wife’s twin sister, what could go wrong? Zach, Rhi and Michelle are big fans!

Episodes with Rhi

270: Nat Damena & Rhi Down

Tom accidentally killed a rabbit, Jude stole her aunt’s recipes, Karen loves to steal, and Matt poops in his mum’s lawn.

265: Gen Fricker & Rhi Down

Amber loses her cocaine, Matt’s partner hates his lovemaking song, Tash takes the blame for their dad’s porn and Brett has loose guts.

262: Tom Ballard & Rhi Down

Julia smushed a cat, Larry knocks his friend off a roof with a branch, Lucy locks a rival in the bathroom and Danny sabotages a swimmer.

257: Rhi Down & Concetta Caristo

Rhi Down and Concetta Caristo over the world wide interweb. Ingrid fucks her sisters fiancé and then Dave drinks his wife’s fancy wine.

Sammy P and Rhi Down

Rhi Down (Patreon Exclusive)

Gail’s plunger gets stuck, Carmichael can’t get rid of a stiffy, Dean caught his friend eating shit and other wonderful confessions!

Gen Fricker & Rhi Down

Simon eats doggy biscuits, Tess gets in an accident, Marisa creates fake profiles and Damien loses his wife’s hair straightener up his bum.

231: Rhi Down & Tom Ballard

Rhi Down! Tom Ballard! Doctor fucking! A virgo burglar! Catfishing! Funeral shitting! This episode has it all!

206: Cameron James & Rhi Down

This week Sammy is joined for the first time by Cameron James and returning guest, the true host of the podcast, Rhi Down.

205: Rhi Down & Alexei Toliopoulos

Rhi and Alexei meet some wonderful people. Martin shits in an UBER. Bec steals a laptop. René frames a snooty bitch. Rick extorts his boss.

Rhi Down: Patreon Teaser

teaser trailer for the Confessions Patreon Page, with the true host of the podcast, Rhi Down. It’s the poop knife, baby!

194: Alexei Toliopoulos & Rhi Down

Alexei and Rhi enjoy confessions about trapping a partner at home, parking spot revenge, a false family backstory and thick king office sex.