Rik Brown

Rik Brown

Rik Brown

Beautiful, gorgeous comedian, actor, and improviser

Confessions with Rik

Man sitting on a sofa drinking Dare Iced Coffee next a beautiful woman

Dare Iced Coffee & Shit

George is crushing Dare Iced Coffees before his date. Unfortunately for George, he is lactose intolerant. He shits himself.

Man holding a package of condoms at a pharmacy

I’ve Been Cumming into Condoms

Beautiful Tom has been jerking it nonstop into condoms but now is feeling so much remorse. Should he confess to his wife and kids?

man standing in front of a wall covered in postage stamps

Tom Loves His Stamps, Little Pussy

Tom is spending too much time collecting stamps instead of drinking with the boyz. Tom’s friend Matt is going to do something about it.

Episodes with Rik


Rik is treated to spit-filled coffee, an avalanche on a GF’s mum, a penis trophy and beautiful beach sex with a ghost.

227: Xavier Michelides & Rik Brown

Tom is cumming into condoms, Monica is sexting, David is a member of the Royal Mile High Club and Pete violently shits himself in the car.

184: Naomi Higgins & Rik Brown

You’ll love Sara’s black market office supplies, Matt’s friend’s stamp collection, Tori’s younger man and John’s make-believe law career.

131: Rik Brown

Rik Brown is BACK BABY. He’s one of the most regular guests and it’s been a long isolation period without him.

99: Rik Brown & Mish Wittrup

Sammy is joined by REGULARS Rik Brown and Mish Wittrup for some stories of poo, sexy confessions and a man who mugged his wife.

84: Jess Harris & Rik Brown

This is a very funny episode of the podcast and NOTHING in between with the return of Jess Harris and Rik Brown.

71: Andrew Hansen & Rik Brown

This week on the podcast Sammy is joined by returning guest Rik Brown and the great Andrew Hansen. You won’t believe what they do next!