Rik Brown

Rik Brown

Rik Brown

Beautiful, gorgeous comedian, actor, and improviser

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Rik is treated to spit-filled coffee, an avalanche on a GF’s mum, a penis trophy and beautiful beach sex with a ghost.

227: Xavier Michelides & Rik Brown

Tom is cumming into condoms, Monica is sexting, David is a member of the Royal Mile High Club and Pete violently shits himself in the car.

184: Naomi Higgins & Rik Brown

You’ll love Sara’s black market office supplies, Matt’s friend’s stamp collection, Tori’s younger man and John’s make-believe law career.

131: Rik Brown

Rik Brown is BACK BABY. He’s one of the most regular guests and it’s been a long isolation period without him.

99: Rik Brown & Mish Wittrup

Sammy is joined by REGULARS Rik Brown and Mish Wittrup for some stories of poo, sexy confessions and a man who mugged his wife.

84: Jess Harris & Rik Brown

This is a very funny episode of the podcast and NOTHING in between with the return of Jess Harris and Rik Brown.

71: Andrew Hansen & Rik Brown

This week on the podcast Sammy is joined by returning guest Rik Brown and the great Andrew Hansen. You won’t believe what they do next!