Sami Shah

Sami Shah

Sami Shah

Comedian, writer, broadcaster, podcaster and hilarious guest

Confessions with Sami

Man licking an apple in the grocery store

Licking Lollies and Fruit

Jared has loved more than you care to know but has never been able to share is addition: licking lollies and fruit at the store.

Episodes with Sami

170: Sami Shah & Daniel Connell

James pretended to be a civil engineer, Natasha pretended to have amnesia, Harry had an affair with his mom’s friend and Chloe steals.

116: Sami Shah & Tom Budge

Jared is addicted to licking lollies, Clara is having sex with the tutor, Roger masterbates in the office and Nicole burns her dad’s iPad.

107: Sami Shah & Eve Ellenbogen

Toby’s had sex more than you’ve had hot dinner, Sophie vomits everywhere, Gale faked a terminal illness and Neil has sex with his professor.