Sarah Snook

Sarah Snook

Sarah Snook

Well known for playing Siobhan Roy on Succession but best known for appearing multiple times on this podcast

Confessions with Sarah

young man peeking his head out of a bedroom door

Who Shit in My Parents’ Room?

Alastair’s night is going great; he’s full of drink and about to hook up. Nothing can ruin this night… well, maybe a shit.

Episodes with Sarah

134: Sarah Snook and Dave Lawson

Hannah is hung up on his sister’s husband, Todd fakes his death, Josie is catfishing her friend and Alastair shits on the floor.

130: Sarah Snook

Sammy is joined IN STUDIO by returning guest, the great Sarah Snook to talk about ghosts, childhood sleepovers and more.

42: Sarah Snook & Rhi Down

This week we’re joined by two favourites – Rhi Down and Sarah Snook. There is even a cat in the room for the entire podcast!