Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall

Stephen Hall

Actor, author and frequent game show winner

Confessions with Stephen

man dressed as a goblin running around an office

Executive Goblin

Daryl wants to be a goblin and run around town. But he fears his wife is too strait-laced to accept him and his goblin persona.

man standing in front of a white van

Fuck Van

Michael pitches an amazing business opportunity: Fuck Van. Have sex while Michael drives you anywhere. Half the price of an UBER!

photo of 20 year old man using engraving tools on a bath towel, he's working at a table in a basement

Patch’s Engraved Towels

Things are looking up for Patch after his recent promotion to CEO of his engraved towel company. The one problem? He doesn’t have towels.

Young, muscular santa

Santa Escort Service

Martin pitches a Santa-themed escort business to investors Dave Warneke and Stephen Hall. Will the sharks make an offer?

the ugliest dog sitting in a grassy yard

Tango, the Foulest Dog

Tamara’s relationship is being torn apart by Tango, an ugly, repugnant dog. Drastic steps were taken in the name of love.

man sitting on a couch, squeezing a pillow

Turned on Watching Tennis

Mac finally admits to having a problem: tennis is too arousing for him to watch without bulge protection. Can he tell a soul about this?

Episodes with Stephen

291: Dave Warneke & Stephen Hall

This week Sammy is joined by your favourite duo: Dave Warneke and Comedienne Stephen Hall. You’ll laugh, cry and make tons of money.

274: Dave Warneke & Stephen Hall

This week Sammy is lucky enough to be joined by your favourite: Dave Warneke, Stephen Hall and, as always, a business confession.

177: Stephen Hall & Dave Warneke

Stephen and Dave enjoy revenge for car parking, jealousy ruining beautiful love, cold feet and stealing money for a tupperware business.

98: Dave Warneke & Stephen Hall

Marcus is mistaken for a hero, Tamara is sick of Tango the dog, Vin discovers sexting and Tim pitches a genius dating website.

85: Stephen Hall & Dave Warneke

Mac gets turned on watching tennis, Michelle is sick of her partner’s piss, Meg has a brownie secret and Heath stole an amazing app idea.

69: Stephen Hall & Dave Warneke

We’ve got dolly kinks, horny for farmers and a fuck van! Don’t believe me? Well, listen right now and find out for yourself.

30: Stephen Hall & Dave Warneke

Patch’s engraved towel business is in trouble, Kate reminds Jasmine of a bad person, Kylie slept with Channing Tatum and Natalie is grabbing her dad’s friends.