Tom Ballard

Tom Ballard

Tom Ballard

Comedian, actor, writer, broadcaster and wonderful friend

Confessions with Tom

handsome man getting a shave from a barber

I Cut Your Hair, You Suck My Dick

Anthony is cheating on his wife and having orgasm inspiring sex with his barber Tony. Can he continue getting the best of both worlds?

20 year old female hipster, standing with her arms crossed outside a brownstone apartment, smiling and winking

Lucinda’s Hot Fuck

Lucinda regales us with her steamy love affair with her best friend’s man. Her beautiful confession arouses Mish Wittrup and Tom Ballard.

Episodes with Tom

304: Tom Ballard & Mish Wittrup

Tom Ballard and Mish Wittrup react to some wonderful confessions: shit in an exhaust pipe, sexy goblin mode, cheating on Tinder, and more!

262: Tom Ballard & Rhi Down

Julia smushed a cat, Larry knocks his friend off a roof with a branch, Lucy locks a rival in the bathroom and Danny sabotages a swimmer.

243: Tom Ballard RETURNS

Revenge on a sweaty gamer, fucking all night, and more beautiful confessions with the beautiful Tom Ballard.

231: Rhi Down & Tom Ballard

Rhi Down! Tom Ballard! Doctor fucking! A virgo burglar! Catfishing! Funeral shitting! This episode has it all!

218: Tom Ballard & Mish Wittrup

Tom is putting shit in a letterbox, Lucinda is fucking forbidden cock, Mark hacks into an email and Ian is putting his dick in the oven.

Tom Ballard & Grace Jarvis

You’re gonna love Natalie’s home-cooked meals, Derek’s business affair, Maggie’s terrible lies and Jame’s thievery erection.

136: Tom Ballard

Sally cons money from the elderly, Serena loves ice cream, Anthony fucks his barber and Abigail exposes her friends secrets.

57: Tom Ballard & Rhi Down

Sammy gets another letter from super-fan Nicole and is then joined by Tom Ballard and Rhi Down to talk through this weeks weird confessions.