Tom Ballard

Tom Ballard

Tom Ballard

Comedian, actor, writer, broadcaster and wonderful friend

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304: Tom Ballard & Mish Wittrup

Tom Ballard and Mish Wittrup react to some wonderful confessions: shit in an exhaust pipe, sexy goblin mode, cheating on Tinder, and more!

262: Tom Ballard & Rhi Down

Julia smushed a cat, Larry knocks his friend off a roof with a branch, Lucy locks a rival in the bathroom and Danny sabotages a swimmer.

243: Tom Ballard RETURNS

Revenge on a sweaty gamer, fucking all night, and more beautiful confessions with the beautiful Tom Ballard.

231: Rhi Down & Tom Ballard

Rhi Down! Tom Ballard! Doctor fucking! A virgo burglar! Catfishing! Funeral shitting! This episode has it all!

218: Tom Ballard & Mish Wittrup

Tom is putting shit in a letterbox, Lucinda is fucking forbidden cock, Mark hacks into an email and Ian is putting his dick in the oven.

Tom Ballard & Grace Jarvis

You’re gonna love Natalie’s home-cooked meals, Derek’s business affair, Maggie’s terrible lies and Jame’s thievery erection.

136: Tom Ballard

Sally cons money from the elderly, Serena loves ice cream, Anthony fucks his barber and Abigail exposes her friends secrets.

57: Tom Ballard & Rhi Down

Sammy gets another letter from super-fan Nicole and is then joined by Tom Ballard and Rhi Down to talk through this weeks weird confessions.