Xavier Michelides

Xavier Michelides

Xavier Michelides

Actor, writer and big comedy boy

Confessions with Xavier

Man yelling at the person taking the photo

Friend Got a Photo of Me Cheating

Our wonderful friend Mark never cheats on his partner, except the one time he did. Now there is photographic evidence that must be dealt with.

Man holding a package of condoms at a pharmacy

I’ve Been Cumming into Condoms

Beautiful Tom has been jerking it nonstop into condoms but now is feeling so much remorse. Should he confess to his wife and kids?

Episodes with Xavier

227: Xavier Michelides & Rik Brown

Tom is cumming into condoms, Monica is sexting, David is a member of the Royal Mile High Club and Pete violently shits himself in the car.

129: Xavier Michelides

This week on the podcast Sammy P is BACK in the studio and, while at a safe distance, is joined by the hilarious Xavier Michelides.

35: Rik Brown & Xavier Michelides

Marg loves her bus driver, Tim drugs his neighbor’s dog with valium and cinnamon scroll and Fiona is sick of her perfect family.