Zachary Ruane

Zachary Ruane

Zachary Ruane

Comedian, actor, improviser, podcaster and grammar enthusiast

Confessions with Zach

woman really happy to be getting her teeth cleaned

Forbidden Dentist Love

Simone’s simple dental checkup spurs a forbidden, steamy affair with her dentist. This suction-filled confession arouses Zach and Alex.

woman shopping for cucumbers at the grocery store

Fuck My Ass with a Cucumber

Gorgeous Terese loves veg and anal play. Just be careful if you’re over at her’s for dinner and cucumber is on the menu.

man gives thumbs up in his bedroom covered in rainbows and sparkles

Josh’s Magic Dick

Josh is cursed with a big, beautiful magic dick and now it’s REALLY gotten him into trouble. Josh might have just ruined a friendship.

Man being yelled at by two identical twin sisters

Thumb in the Wrong Bum

Ben is enjoying a drunken night at home with his wife and his wife’s twin sister, what could go wrong? Zach, Rhi and Michelle are big fans!

Episodes with Zach

268: Zachary Ruane & Mish Wittrup

Matt’s pissing in coffee, Lucy fakes a heart condition, Will pretends to smoke and Samantha is sitting on a dick she hardly knows.

213: Zachary Ruane

Margaret tries hiking and blowjobs, Marcus loves butterflies, Claudia knows what you did last summer and Jacob is lusting for his trainer.

163: Dave Lawson and Zachary Ruane

In this family friendly episode Elsie fucks a fellow business person, Josie doesn’t want to be a third wheel and Steven shits himself.

153: Zachary Ruane RETURNS

You’ll fall in love with Alexandra who looks like all of the actors and Kyle who hates his brothers partner.

88: Zachary Ruane & Alex Ward

Narelle is jealous of a younger woman, Stephanie goes nuts, David makes a deadly birthday wish and Simone is enjoying forbidden love.