ghost holding a trophy

The COGIE Awards! Vote for Your Favourite Confessions

ghost holding a trophy
  • Published: 22 Sep, 2022
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It’s time to celebrate the shittiest, grossest, weirdest confessions with the 1st ever COGIE Awards! Join Sammy P, Tony Martin, and Oliver Clark on the 15th of October, 2022 as the winners are revealed. The event will air as a regular episode.


Voting is only available to Patreon supporters. Join the Confessions of the Idiots Patreon to place your vote! Patrons will also receive a special video version of the COGIE Award ceremony, suits and all.

The Nominees

Best Shitting Themself Confession

  • Shitting out of a moving car – Marty Sheargold
  • Backing into a urinalStephen Curry
  • Shitting in a bed and burning the bed – Dave Lawson

Most Bullshit Confession

  • Making love to Antonio Banderas – Rik Brown & Xavier Michelides
  • Mid-flight sex with Simon Cowell – Lehmo & Rhi Down
  • Butteryfly BusinessmanZachary Ruane

Grossest Confession

  • Strapping meats to legsJess Perkins & Mr. Sunday Movies
  • My best friend’s boyfriend’s ass – Marieke Hardy
  • Shitting in an UBER – Rhi Down & Alexie Toliopoulis

Most Ridiculous Confession

Best Ghost Confession

Fan Favourite Confession

Best Host of Confessions of the Idiots

  • Rhi Down
  • Rhi Down
  • Sammy P

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