Woman opening her laptop to sparks and rainbows

Confessions of the Idiots dot com? It’s finally here!

Woman opening her laptop to sparks and rainbows
  • Published: 02 Aug, 2022
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Hello everybody and welcome to the brand new Confessions of the Idiots dot com! It’s been a long labour of love getting this website into its current state. Please enjoy!

Work in Progress

Sammy’s been so graciously busy the last few years recording hundreds and hundreds of episodes! It’s still going to take some time to go through every episode and enter the details (guests, topics, etc). If you spot an issue or want to help with the remaining work, email hello@confessionsoftheidiots.com.

Request a Confession

We will continue to add individual confessions to the website every week! There are some hilarious confessions still waiting to be posted. Want us to add your favourite? Request a confession be added!

We’ve also created an automated newsletter that will send you an email each Sunday with all of the newly added confessions. Consider subscribing to the Weekly Confessional!

Some Background

My name is Alex and I live near Seattle in the United States of America (the most perfect country on Earth, don’t fact check that). As an avid listener of Confessions of the Idiots, I loved sharing confessions with friends. Unfortunately I found it difficult to remember which confession was in which episode. So I reached out to Sammy with a website idea and here we are!

I found the podcast right before COVID-19 and boy I’m so grateful I did. Building this website was the least I could do to thank Sammy for providing some joy and laughter in dark times.

As bad as things might have been for me, at least I wasn’t shitting my pants on a ghost, or some other fucked thing. Although, I did almost piss myself on my first date after lockdown (disaster was averted). Goddamn Howard Government closed all the public restrooms in the USA too.

Anyway, I know you also receive so much joy from knowing how much better your life is after hearing all the fucked stuff people get up to. Unless of course you’re one of the fucked people shitting on stuff. In that case, consider confessing and maybe your sin will be on a future episode!

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